Our Voices.

Our Movement.

01. March With Us

By marching with us, you are committing to being a force for good, not just on the day of the March, but for every day that follows. Join a community of people who put bold ideas into action.

02. Become A Volunteer

Throughout the year MLK365 will be hosting various virtual events, and hopefully, we will return to in person events soon. By volunteering with us, you will participate in the organizing, planning and execution of our MLK365 programming.

03. Become A Vendor

Whether you provide books for kids, plates of food, resources for college and career, or the swag, stay up to date with the latest news and information for vendors.

04. Donate to The March

Everyone has a role to play. Even if you cannot be at every event, every contribution counts. MLK365 is a nonprofit 501(c)3 and has been a volunteer organization for over 35 years. Every dollar goes to impacting the community – today and tomorrow.